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Return air filter material - Electrostatic


An essential part of any ducted heating or ducted refrigeration systems is the return air and specifically the filter within the return air grille. 

The ideal replacement for your existing filter material is electrostatic. A return air with electrostatic filter material is far superior to the equivalent older (grey fluff) material, it is considerably less restrictive allowing for increased airflow through the filter and back to the unit.

Electrostatic filter material cleans the air by using static electricity, airborne particles are attracted to the electrostatically charged material and held in place until cleaned off.

Our electrostatic filter material is sold per linear meters and works out to approx. 1sq of material per unit. Typically 1 linear meter will be enough to replace a standard size domestic return air filter.

For more information check out our electrostatic filter blog post by following the link below: 

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