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Door Relief Grille - 60cm x 30cm

Key features
Neck Size 600x300 / 24x12
Face Size 630x330 / 25x13
Material Aluminium
Colours available Natural anodised aluminium, custom colours available
please contact us for more information (
Adjustable No, Fixed chevron blades
Suitable for Domestic and Commercial ducted air conditioning systems.
Product Description

Door Relief Grille - 60cm x 30cm

Designed to be both functional and attractive, door relief grilles are used indoors and are fitted to the bottom of doors where a constant air flow between rooms is required. These grilles enable the circulation of air flow between rooms from an air conditioning system relieving pressure built up in rooms due to closed doors. 

Made from durable and long-lasting aluminium extrusions, these grilles are visually pleasing with a naturally anodized aluminium finish. Supplied as a fully assembled unit and ready for quick installation, the fixed full chevron blades and naturally anti-corrosive aluminium construction ensures with minimal maintenance and resistant to rust and corrosion. Consisting of two pieces, the front and back frames lock together with metal clips, these clips are then fully concealed once installed into a door.

Please note: For correct installation, a minimum door thickness of 32mm is required, it is also important to ensure adequate clearance under the grille for any floor coverings.

Door relief grilles are available in a range off the shelf sizes all in a standard natural anodised finish. If custom size or colour is needed, these grilles can be manufactured to suit your specific size requirements. A range of powder coat and anodise colours are available to suit any interior and architectural design requirements, please contact us at info@vents.melboune to discuss your specific requirements!

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us here or email directly to

Item # Description Face Size
 Neck Size
E-DRG6015 Door relief grille | 60cm x 15cm 630x180 / 25x7 600x150 / 24x6
E-DRG6020 Door relief grille | 60cm x 20cm 630x230 / 25x9 600x200 / 24x8
E-DRG6025 Door relief grille | 60cm x 25cm 630x280 / 25x11 600x250 / 24x10
E-DRG6030 Door relief grille | 60cm x 30cm 630x330 / 25x13 600x300 / 24x12


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